More information about the Seminars

September 18, 2014

All of the seminars are free.  Students are encouraged to attend all of the seminars.  Each week students are awarded points based on how they did in the challenge and on the last night prizes are given to each students ranging from $50 gift cards to $5 gift cards.

Seminars Include:
October 8 – STEM Trivia Game
October 15 – Mathematician from NSA
October 22- Opening
October 29 – Panel of Engineers from Northrop Grumman
Challenges are designed to be completed in 30-45 minutes with time for evaluation.  Each challenge is presented to students along with a scoring guide.  Part of the challenge is to be able to think on your feet.  For this reason we do not tell students the challenges ahead of time.  In the past challenges have included building a flotation device to hold marbles and maximize cost per marble, a bridge that maximizes length and weight held, and a paper plane propelled by a balloon.

We look forward to meeting the future scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

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